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If you�ve been reading this mag long, you�ll know that Hardiman ATV tipped a big fat wad of dough into this raptor 700 in an effort to achieve two things. First, to show what they could do with carefully selected aftermarket accessories for the Yamaha, and second, to build what Shane Hardiman hoped would be the best looking raptor in the country.

We reckon he succeeded on both counts, but Shane being what he is, he wasn�t content to let the beast sit there basking in its own glory. he wanted to finish Project raptor with a bang, not a
whimper, so he hand-picked a few more goodies then spent a few hours in the workshop bolting them up. If you�re interested in the latest list of accessories that makes this the best dressed raptor in Australia, and who wouldn�t be?, here�s what was added to this great looking machine before the final shoot - and what it all cost.

What you see are the B&B aluminium swingarm bashplate ($175) and B&B�s chassis bashplate ($220). Nice huh?

We switched the original rubber for 21x7-10 Kenda Klaws up front ($110 each), and mounted them on Douglas Ultimate billet centre rims ($299 each).

As ultimate protection from someone
sticking his foot in your direction, or his
front wheel, we fitted up a set of Bling
Star Pro-Am nerfs ($349 each).

Down the back, the Raptor copped 20x11-9s Kenda Klaws ($120 each), on Douglas Ultimates billet centre beadlock rims ($375 each).

Hey, you can�t ride around naked up front. We filled the vacant space with a Bling Star Victory bumper ($219.95) and
that just about wrapped up the Raptor wrap-up .. sort of �kinda � You want to know more thing about any product on this Yamaha, give Shane Hardiman a buzz, or better still, ring him on 0243 533 622

Pretty hard photographing the steering damper. Dun Matter. What we have here is an Elka System 3 steering damper ($795). We intend to test this bit of gear soon and bring you the report.

A bunch of stuff happened at the control end of this missile. We fitted TAG twist throttle grips ($19.95 each), Zeta bar-end
plugs ($27.95 each), and a Terrycable Dual Gasser throttle ($299). Flick a pin and the Dual Gasser goes from thumb to
twist throttle � just like that!

Extract from ATV ACTION Issue #11 Nov/Dec 2007